I have been following Amanda’s work for 18 years now, and it always amazes me how brilliant and inspiring she is as a coach, visionary and healer. I’ve gone through various psychedelic guided sessions with Amanda and she has helped me transform and evolve in ways I never imagined were possible for me. Amanda’s professional and personal experience with psychedelics made me feel safe, supported and joyful. It’s been a gift experiencing Amanda’s brilliance in and out of psychedelic spaces, and I can’t recommend it highly enough to work with her if you’re looking for a truly life shifting experience.
— Entrepreneur from the San Francisco Bay Area
The experience as a whole was spectacular. I felt completely supported. All that you could need during the experience was right there. Wonderful arrangement. The experience gave me clear headedness, a whole new outlook of looking at things. Even though I feel I had some of the answers before the experience, I feel as if there’s an enormous drive now to go on the self improvement journey.
— Engineer and first time psychedelic user from Mumbai, India
“My session in Amsterdam was truly transformative, personally and professionally. I cannot recommend this enough for anyone at a crossroads in career or life.”
— Tech CEO from the San Francisco Bay Area