We provide legal, transformational psychedelic experiences in Amsterdam using psilocybin mushroom truffles*.

Clients seek out our psychedelic services for a range of reasons, including to:

  • Achieve a breakthrough on a personal or professional block

  • Support mental wellness and ease depression and anxiety

  • Level up their businesses

  • Access heightened levels of creative flow and idea generation

  • Break unhealthy patterns or addictions

  • Address end of life fear

  • Explore consciousness and spirituality

Customized sessions are available for individuals, groups, and teams of all psychedelic experience levels.

To inquire about booking an experience, contact us here

* Psilocybin is a natural psychoactive compound found in "magic" mushrooms.

Sclerotia - also known as "truffles" - are a psilocybin-containing part of the magic mushroom that grows underground. Truffles are sold legally in stores in the Netherlands.